Kitchen Art Prints everything in its place kitchen art print, spices, 9.5 gnwsewt
Kitchen Art Prints everything in its place kitchen art print, spices, 9.5 gnwsewt

Meliorating kitchen under a budget

Every room in your home needs renovation after few years and so does your kitchen. You have to be extra careful when it comes to renovating your kitchen because you might have to spend a fortune if you are not careful. Many people fear renovation, not because they don’t like the end result, it’s just that they fear the amount of money it will need. Let me tell you some ways to improve your kitchen on a budget.

Renovate kitchen counter:

It is easy to remove the old counter and replace it with a new one. But do you think that would be economical? Instead you can hire a specialist and ask him to put a quarter inch veneer of granite to the old counter. This will make the counter look new and the counter will have strength of a solid granite counter. Hiring specialist cost you some money, but it would still be less than what you would pay for a new granite counter.

Painting the walls:

Painting the walls of your kitchen should be your primary goal. This won’t cost you much but it will surely brighten up your kitchen. If nothing else, you must paint the ceiling, smoke and dust affects the ceiling most.

Change the cabinet doors:

Instead of replacing the whole cabinet you can replace the door of the cabinet. However, keep in mind that sometimes hinges and handles have to be replaced as well to reduce the risk of wear and tear. If the cabinets are not damaged at all, then in that case painting the doors would be a wise decision.

Provide lights to add elegance:

Add track lights and flush mount lights to add elegance to your kitchen and they come at a fair price too. These lightings can be inserted into the existed wiring to reduce the cost of the installation.

Thin layer of new floors:

Placing a new floor over the existing one will reduce the cost and will give the floor a desired height. There are a number of options available like linoleum etc. which don’t need skilled workers to install.

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