Space Saver Kitchen Table And Chairs all tucked in: hans olsenu0027s super space-saving dining set cpwiuwi
Space Saver Kitchen Table And Chairs all tucked in: hans olsenu0027s super space-saving dining set cpwiuwi

Space saving bath

Corner bath
Large Corner bath is an ideal way to save bathroom space and the user can take pleasure in having large bathtub. These fixtures are space efficient, stylish and normally provide extra storage space than a traditional baths. The user should consider the water connections and the space available to fit the bath tub.

Size of the Corner Bath

Large Corner bath can be fit into smaller space to very large space options. The size of the smaller corner bath normally can be available from 1 m and it is ideal for children. The size of the Larger baths will be up to 180 cm or more than that.

Water Connections for a Corner Bath

In traditional method, to get water for the tub the user have to take out the paneling and redirect the connection of the water to the corner to fill the bathtub.

Features of corner bath

The style ranges from offset, classic, whirlpool, easy entry, Jacuzzi corner bath, hot tub etc. The basic bath tub is even in space whereas the modern corner bathtubs are sloped on nature that allows the user to get out and get in more easily and safely. Few models are characteristics with a jet that acts as a whirlpool or a hot tub for relaxed and comfort bath. The choice of the bathtub ultimately depends on the user preference, budget and the available space.

Benefits of the corner bath

Floor space maximization – corner baths will provide maximum floor space and it frees the center space without any traffic and the user can move freely.

Requires minimum wall space – This type of bathtub provides more wall spaces for other bathroom accessories. This space can be utilized to have a shower.

Provides seating region – User will get more seating region with the corner bath.

Affordable – Large corner bath is an alternate and cheaper to whirlpool. The corner bath can be available in variety of sizes and shapes to meet the user’s taste.

Stylish Design – Corner bath provides a stylish touch for any bathroom space.


Large corner bath brings a luxury and stylish look to the bathroom but selecting the right bath is the tedious one. Large corner bath usually utilizes enormous hot water than other type of bathtub. Corner baths maximizes the space of the bathroom and do not need the large wall space like other bath requires.

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