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Kitchen Floor Idea kitchen flooring ideas and materials - the ultimate guide dzgwozv

Kitchen renovation cost

The cost of kitchen renovation

The choice of whether or not to renovate a kitchen in many cases depends on the cost of renovating the kitchen. You may want to move and want to spend as little as you can renovat1ion costs. It could also be that you want to reuse rather old materials in the context of sustainability. Whether you want to save money by not installing new kitchen or renovating it; you will definitely incur kitchen renovation cost


Kitchen Renovation Cost

A kitchen renovation cost or refurbishment costs exactly what you yourself are willing to spend. You can decide what your expenditure should be on kitchen renovation. You decide which old kitchen materials can be reused, which new kitchen materials should be purchased and which specialists to hire. Suppose you want to give your kitchen a new look at low kitchen renovation costs, you could easily do this by renewing kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen appliances. You can also decide to place an additional outlet and install new lamps in your obsolete kitchen. You could even search for new lighting. You can also order  new cabinet doors online such that your kitchen can be customized to standards. Do not ever think of buying a new kitchen because you can actually renovate the existing one.

Approximated kitchen renovation cost in Euros

When renovating a medium-sized kitchen, you will do just about the same activities. However, the costs are different. For demolition work, you might spend up to 400 Euros. You may also spend about 360 Euros for the pipes, drainage and plumbing works. For the construction of the electricity, you may spend on average 190 Euros and 570 Euros for the tiling. The plastering of putty only costs 30 Euros and the installation of the kitchen you will draw around 315 Euros from your pockets. This makes a total of 1865 Euros for about 47 hours of work. On average, you might spend about 1,900 Euros on the enterprise. The whole renovation cost may total to 3765 Euros, excluding VAT.

The above computation only takes care of the costs for the work to be carried out on a minimum scale. There may also be a possibility of incurring costs on paint, hardware, plumbing for a washing machine, a second toilet and adjusting the distribution box.

Why you should renovate instead of buying a new kitchen

The cost of a complete kitchen renovation is obviously much lower than purchasing a new kitchen. Yet the renovation amount may, for most customers, not come too close to a new kitchen. You probably get weekly leaflets in the bus, kitchen chains, which already offer a full kitchen for 3000-4000 euro. Fine of course, but that is absolutely not the average price of kitchen

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