Kitchen Cupboards Diy 21 diy kitchen cabinets ideas u0026 plans that are easy u0026 cheap szojnmw
Kitchen Cupboards Diy 21 diy kitchen cabinets ideas u0026 plans that are easy u0026 cheap szojnmw

Kitchen planning not so daunting any more

Kitchen Planning

Kitchen planning can be one of the most daunting tasks that any home owner is faced with. There are so many things that need to be considered and many a times leaves you confused and messed up. You will design your kitchen only once or maybe twice in your life and you will spend a lot of money doing it. It is natural then to want the end result to be worth the time, money and efforts you put in kitchen planning.

Kitchen plans can be divided into five broad categories. Each and every kitchen more or less fits into either of these categories. So when you plan your kitchen, first see what the design or the floor plan of your kitchen looks like. This will make kitchen planning much easier for you to do.

L-shaped kitchen planning

If you have an L-shaped kitchen then it is perhaps the easiest to plan. Most kitchens are in this shape and it gives you the option of having the perfect work triangle between your sink, refrigerator and cooking range. Your worktop runs around two adjacent walls in an L shape and often houses the cooking range on one side and the sink on the other. It gives the cook a very efficient and flexible work space.

U-shaped kitchen planning

Homes with a bit larger area have U-shaped kitchens that have the worktops running on three adjacent walls. Some U-shaped kitchen may also feature an island in the centre that works as additional work space. It can be converted into a cooking area or you may even think of installing a sink there, if you have the plumbing in place.

G-shaped kitchen planning

These kitchens are U-shaped but with one end of the counter space curled inside which often works as a breakfast nook. A G-shaped kitchen can seem a bit cramped if the kitchen area is small. However, in larger kitchen this shape works out really when and gives an open feel to the kitchen.

Single wall kitchens

This type of kitchen is usually found in smaller homes such as studio apartments where there is only one wall available for installing your sink and cooking range. You can still make the optimum use of this space by putting base cabinets and wall cabinets that allow you to store a lot of things.

Galley style kitchens

Galley kitchens look like narrow corridors with two strips of countertops running parallel to each other on opposite walls. One side may have the sink while on the other side you can install the cooking range. Again you can maximize storage space by stacking up cabinets all over the walls and under the countertops.

See which design your kitchen fits in and happy kitchen planning!

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