Affordable Kitchen Appliances cheap versus steep: kitchen appliances pnpamvy
Affordable Kitchen Appliances cheap versus steep: kitchen appliances pnpamvy

What to expect from kitchen fitters

After you have selected the appliances, colors, floors and the other elements of your dream kitchen, the next job is installing the actual new kitchen in your existing kitchen. This usually does not take a lot time, but the whole process generally takes about 3 to 5 day, more if a lot of changes have to be made. It is best to presume that the work will go on for at least one week, so if in case there is a delay of any sort, it does not stand in the way of the rest of your schedule.
As most companies that offer fitted kitchens or other kitchen appliances also have kitchen fitters on their panel, finding kitchen fitters should not be a problem. And although all fitters have their unique approach to the job, most of them follow a fixed protocol about when should what be done. 


Turning off the water supply

No work in the kitchen can be done without first turning off the water supply of the kitchen. Since installing sinks and garbage disposals involves working with the plumbing in the kitchen, it means that the water has be shut completely. As kitchens generally have a separate supply pipes, the water in the rest of the house should not be affected. And the water remnant in the drains needs to be removed before any work can commence.

Installing new plumbing if necessary

It does not follow that the newly bought kitchen appliances will match the old plumbing of the house. Hence, it is often necessary to install new pipes, outlets or knobs. These can be then attached to the new appliances and they can be tested.

Getting the electrical units sorted out

The appliances that are being installed may need a different power output than the existing arrangements in the kitchen. As a result, some of the electrical wiring and sockets in the kitchen may also need a replacement before the rest of the changes can be done. It would not make sense to first build the wall tiles and platforms and then later making modifications for sockets and wires.

Installing the counters and sinks

The next item in the agenda is putting all the counters and sinks in place. This way, the pipes and faucets can be checked before any of the other equipment is in place. Water damage on account of leaks can be substantial for kitchen fittings and appliances.

The finish

Towards the end, the ledges and embellishments can be added to the fitted counters, cabinets and doors. This finishing distinguishes an ordinary kitchen from an extraordinary one. The appliances are put into place last.

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