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Country Bathroom Decor country style bathrooms with character and comfort | decorazilla design blog wjdadib

Country style kitchens

Country style kitchens

Fresh rolls in the oven, the (grand) children play outside in the yard and the dog is sleeping on the stove. A country kitchen has some fun and is nostalgic. A rural country style kitchen is often a wooden kitchen. In addition, a country style kitchen has an elegant finish, for example in the form of nostalgic kitchen handles, kitchen cabinet doors or frills. If you do not like this style, it might be better to opt for a modern handle-free kitchen.

Types of country style kitchens

Country style kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, including the new Riverdale kitchens. Customization is also possible! Anyone wishing to buy a country style kitchen had better consult and expert. The expert looks at your budget and takes into account your wishes. You are then offered the best country style kitchens at the best prices after assessment. Below are some of the types of country style kitchens:

    1. Modern country style kitchens

Country Style Kitchens


Modern country style kitchens offer old-fashioned fun, like atmosphere and quality with a modern twist. The modern country kitchen gives you the peace and security of yesteryear using the best quality materials. It is also equipped with the latest technology and comfort that the modern kitchen can offer.

The Modern Country Kitchen also provides all the requirements of modern kitchens, including the latest technical gadgets in the equipment, dust seals, good drawer damping, high drawer load, the best and most durable countertop materials, silent appliances, etc.

  1. Rural Cuisines

Here you will find a combination of Classic Kitchen and some “lighter” Country Kitchen. It still has a nostalgic look, but is lighter than the Classic Kitchen.

  1. British Cuisines

This is a very specific style group in the Country Kitchen catalogue. For real kitchen lovers, Old English Rural Kitchen is the trendiest. Features here are heavily accentuated decorative elements, robust moldings and heavy traditional statements.

  1. Old Wood Cuisines

Old Wood Cuisines provide inspiration from nature. The old wood combined with the sleek finish and modern country kitchen details give the kitchen a very special character. More and more people want a real Old Wood Kitchen with an old look, but combined with modern quality and ease of use.

  1. Scaffolding Wood Cuisines

A very specific Country Kitchen style is the kitchen which is made of scaffolding wood. The scaffold wood has a very distinct nostalgic- hurry maritime atmosphere. It is one of those popular country style kitchens. The can only experience one when you see it in real life.

Country Style Kitchens

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