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Guide to buying corner bath panels

If you are looking to enjoy a spacious bathtub without using much space then you’ve hit a jackpot with a corner bath panel. Corner bath panels are popular with small home and apartment owners because they attract less space. There are a few things to consider while buying a corner bath panel. You should designate a space for the bath panel and it needs to have proper water connections. After that is settled you can look for styles and designs of the bath panel.

Water connections

You should first make sure that a route is available for the water. First decide the corner space for the bath panel and then you can route the water connections to that corner to allow for your corner bath panel. Bath suites are relatively easier when it comes to water connections.


The drains should be adjusted for the corner bath because the existing one won’t likely accommodate with your new corner bath panel. You should have a plumber modify the drains and also add other extra stuff such as whirlpool if you want.


Right size for the right room: Corner baths are for all kinds of spaces, large to small. There are small bath panels that won’t allow any more than a shower to the ones that have all kinds of luxurious options available. It all comes down to the space you have and the tub you can afford. If you lack space then you can go for a 1m panel. These are best for those who only want shower. The 1m-bath panel is the smallest and the size increases from here on. You can choose a proper size for your bathroom.

It is important that the bath panel you buy fits into the corner so you need to measure the corner first before going in the market for purchase.


Corner baths include many features and options. From Jacuzzi to classic, offset to hot tub and easy entry to whirlpool, there are all ranges of options available for your corner bath panel. For installing these various features you need to have the right water connection and the right tub size.

The basic corner panel is the same as the standard one and there are others that have features that allow an easy and safe entry. You have luxurious options such as the Jacuzzi, whirlpool, hot tub and they are convenient for relaxation and comfort. Increase in luxury means an increase in cost so know your pocket before going into the market.

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