Kitchen Mixer Taps kohler purist bridge kitchen mixer tap jgcwtso
Kitchen Mixer Taps kohler purist bridge kitchen mixer tap jgcwtso

Picking up the right bathroom mixer taps

The type of taps you choose for your bathroom has a major effect on the functionality as well as the overall looks of your bathroom. If you are planning to build a completely new bathroom from the scratch or are simply renovating your bathroom, mixer taps are an ideal choice. Apart from being highly functional and deliver both hot and cold water, the variety of designs available in the market are sure to impress you. Let us know more about the bathroom mixer taps before choosing one.

Your Requirement

Once you have finalized of choosing a mixer tap for your bathroom, the next thing you need to think about is your requirement from the bathroom mixer taps. You might need to simply wash your hands, or you might want to move ahead and use the same mixer tap to wash your hair, or fill a can or fish tank with ease.

The area between the mouth of the mixer tap and you basin is known as the comfort zone. Thus, you need to understand your requirements from the tap and then choose a tap with the required comfort zone to ensure that the mixer tap is able to fulfill all your requirements comfortably.


Metris, Focus and Talis are the common styles of bathroom mixer taps. They are available in different sizes to meet your requirements. While Metris and Focus are standard bathroom mixer taps, Talis line of mixer taps have a rotatable spout to offer enhanced comfort while simply washing your hands, filling a can, or carrying out your daily chores.

Moreover, there are also mixer taps that allow you to easily change the water flow to the shower mode with the help of an attachment.

Disadvantage of Using Mixer Taps

Apart from being highly functional and attractive, bathroom mixer taps also have a drawback. These taps are generally connected to your existing pipelines that also serve other water points in the bathroom. When these other points are being used, the flow of the mixer taps will be affected. This will also affect the temperature of the water running out of the tap and can also result in scalding.

To eliminate this problem, an additional low pressure piping system needs to be installed, with connections from both cold and hot water supply points. There are also mixer tap valves available in the market that can be used to balance the temperature of the water.

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