Simple Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces 30 of the best small and functional bathroom design ideas cwbrygf
Simple Bathroom Designs For Small Spaces 30 of the best small and functional bathroom design ideas cwbrygf

Tips for small bathroom

To enjoy a large bathroom you must enjoy the luxury of living in a big house. This is not very common especially in a rented apartment were bathroom space are compromised into other part of the home leaving the bathroom with little or know space at all. Except you own your house, you cannot enjoy such luxury. So what do you do? This in it self is a major challenge because bathrooms is a very private place which must have the necessary qualities to make it suitable for use. Having a small bathroom is a challenge not easy to solve. Cleaning a small bathroom is anther challenge, I mean it not easy to clean a more spacious bathroom not to talk about a much smaller one. Either a small or big bathroom, you should make out time to clean your bathroom, dust all dusty surfaces, watch out for any linkage and employ the service of a plumber to help fix any damages in the bathroom. In this article I will how you can make small bathroom look big, how to maintain a small bathroom, choice of furniture for a small bathroom.


Use one large mirror:

mirrors brings a lot of reflection and brightness into the bathroom space. Using a glass tiles also create a bright reflection and makes the bathroom look elegant. O ne large mirror will make the bathroom look big rather than have two mirrors on opposite wall.

Utilize space:

small bathrooms do not have the luxury of mounted shelves. To make your small bathroom look big you have to do away with mounted shelves, extra cabinet or vanities that are not important.


cluster make bathroom smaller. Remove all protruding shelves and organize the bathroom. You will be surprised at the drastic change in the outlook of your bathroom with a little more organization.


It is fact that you might not have hours to clean your bathroom everyday. Here’s some tip to keep in mind when cleaning your bathroom

Get rid of item that dose not belong to the bathroom.

Pour some bleach into the toilet bowl and add a little disinfectant, allow for some minute and flush.

Quickly dust surface, mop floors. However on weekends or any spare time you have dedicate one hour to clean thoroughly.


For a small bathroom you have choose wisely. You can use L shaped bath or straight bath tub, fix your cabinet a little high

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